You’re using Facebook. But are you also using YouTube?

You’re using Facebook.  But are you also using YouTube?

You have a Facebook page, for sure. And, you know all about Google searches, right? You’ve heard all the consultants tell you how (a) you have to be on Facebook and (2) you really have to “optimize” your website to earn high Google search rankings.

OK, fine. Now, the next step: smart banks are weaving YouTube video into their Facebook page and Google web page search results.

It’s not just smart, it’s simple. You can easily connect your video to Facebook and with web page search terms so that when prospects search for your bank you can hit ’em with a cool customer testimonial or “how-to” video at the same time. This is a win-win because people who do Facebook and Google (or Yahoo) love to be engaged with video — and videos are much more persuasive than mere search terms. (I have customers who tell me the newest most powerful phrase on their website is “Download this free video.”) This addition of video to Google searches has been around since March 2008, so you’re not out on the bleeding edge here. All you need is a website, a Facebook page and — a video.

Fortunately, web videos are inexpensive and easy to do.

If you’ll call me, I’ll walk you through it. I’m available, toll free (800-521-0236, ext 17), to kick this around with you. (Or email me with VIDEO in the subject line.)

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