Why we're a great resource

Why we’re a great marketing resource.

We’re intensely focused on customer service.

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.  We’re not happy until you’re happy.  And, by extension of that principle, we’re devoted to preserving, extending and amplifying your relationship with your customer.  We know you don’t take your customers for granted, and neither do we.

We’re market wise.

We know how to divine the mind of the market.  We understand the psychology and psychographics of banking customers and what it takes to move them.  We have a strong research orientation, so our heart doesn’t overrule our head.

We’re industry savvy. 

We been successfully marketing and advertising to consumers and businesses since 1972.  We live and work at the intersection of Marketing, Advertising, IT Support, Research and Compliance.  We can produce good stuff for clients after the first hour on the job because we’ve been there and “done that.”

We’re creative where it counts.

We think it’s important to have advertising that is read and produces sales, and we don’t necessarily believe in doing things the way they’ve always been done.  We’re also not afraid to tell a client if we think he’s setting himself up to fail.

We’re responsive.

We operate our business 24/7, and we’re wired to the world, to each other and to our clients.  We’ve repaired website problems on Friday nights. And we flew to Las Vegas on a Sunday to spend 45 minutes fixing a display panel that had been damaged in transit.  These are just two reasons our client retention averages 20 years.  We almost never lose a client unless the company is merged or acquired.

We’re passionate about the Brand.

We believe a business has to stand for something, something that’s important to the client’s customers.  If a client doesn’t know why the company is important to its stakeholders–and doesn’t think the brand is vital to survival–there’s no future in our relationship.

We’re affordable. 

Our average blended, or combined, hourly rate is about a third less than our larger competitors.  We get more done for less.  That’s probably among the reasons one of the world’s largest manufacturers has been our client for over a decade.

We have great people.

Our dozen creative, motivated associates cover all the bases: copywriting, art, design, photography (still and video), copy and video editing, print and video production, proofreading, PR, and account services.  Our team is stable, but it’s growing.  We also have some wonderful strategic partners, people we’ve worked with for more than 20 years.

We believe in ROI.

We know how to develop and live by a budget.  Because we buy for multiple clients, we can leverage purchases to our clients’ advantage. Dealing with printers, film houses, service bureaus, photographers, and other specialists can be demanding, and it requires technical knowledge. One way we earn our keep is by providing expert services like these.

We’re really into technology.

We know how to build black boxes that will gather and distribute data–in a secure fashion– to accomplish your business goals.  We’ve built electronic dashboards for senior executives to monitor key business metrics; we built one client unique “bounce-proof analysis software” that let them run their own overdraft protection program (and save huge third-party fees), and we’ve built a secure link for bank clients– deliverable now–to implement online account opening.

We’re responsible. 

We take full responsibility for delivering a commercially acceptable product to our clients.  If you don’t like our work, you don’t pay our fees.

We know the difference between sales and marketing.

Sales and marketing are separate processes. Sales benefit the company; marketing benefits the customer. The ultimate purpose of marketing (and branding) is to make sales efforts unnecessary.


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