Websites and Microsites

Great websites and microsites come from the combination of market savvy and business wisdom, including a heavy dose of technical expertise. We design sites to meet a company’s unique needs. We provide sites that can be managed by company insiders – or we offer site management as part of our package. Our websites can provide for viewer interaction (testimonials, product and service research, pricing and specifying) as well as a connection to your company’s inside and outside databases.

Websites and microsites are the most efficient (and inexpensive) way to advertise.

There are thousands of ways to leverage the power of the internet to reduce advertising cost and maximize your market impact. In five minutes, we can give you at least three different ways to improve your net revenue using a website, microsite or both.

What’s the difference between a website and a microsite?

Mechanically, they are the same. The difference is the role they play. Typically, a website is the main connection between a company and its constituents: customers, prospects, employees, governmental agencies, “influencers,” and vendors. The website, and related landing pages, allow a company to have specialized and targeted communication with users.

A microsite is usually a special purpose site. For example, if your company was a division of a larger entity, you might build a microsite which you control, to deal with your specific constituent group: engineers, purchasing, specifiers, etc. Or, a microsite would be a good way to present your major business lines to different users. (If you sell the same widget to firefighters and to equipment retailers, you probably should have a separate site to appeal to the different needs of each customer segment. Either way, both a website and a microsite are a 24/7 connection providing users a way to gather information transact business with you.

Website/Microsite Mini-FAQ

What kind of website/microsite can we build?

We build sites that produce profits and good will. Sites that can (1) increase your company’s favorable awareness; (2) increase your “traffic”; (3) directly transact sales with customers; (4) interact with your inside and outside databases (billing, inventory, CRM systems, sales benefit communication); and (5) provide customized information to your users.

How can you maximize site results to increase your awareness and bottom line?

Contract with us to design a site that appeals squarely to the need of your users. Our sites are tested to offer a high degree of customer usability, yet simple enough for your company to operate and revise. We can handle simple or complex sites.

What if all you need is website management?

We’re up for it. We can design customer interaction pages and sales enhancement pages working with your current provider. (We’re a good team player, providing a friction-free resource for your web team, including your web vendors.)

What makes us valuable to your web success?

We bring a unique set of skills: writing, design, web mechanics, programming and troubleshooting. Most important, our outside perspective can help breathe some fresh air and new thinking into your company’s web status.

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