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Over the 45 years we’ve been in business, we’ve observed that many companies do not do strategy very well which is the big reason they don’t as well at marketing as they could.

Without a solid, written and well-thought-out marketing strategy, a company is wasting time and marketing dollars. Strategic marketing is not advertising, nor is it selling. Both of those are tactics or tools, a means to an end. Marketing plans make advertising and sales successful.

Being a strategic marketer means

  1. you know what’s happening at your company,
  2. you know where you’re going,
  3. you know why it’s important to go there,
  4. you have, in writing, a good plan to get there and
  5. you have baked in a plan to deal with the unplanned events that inevitably occur.

Becoming strategic, adopting and implementing a strategy is not easy. It takes time and hard work. Not many companies have the resources to get the plan together and stay on top of all the other, day-to-day stuff. It’s sort of like trying to run the train and lay track at the same time. For many, the only reasonable answer is to call in outside partners to help do the necessary research and help formulate an actionable strategy. In other words, call in a professional.

Why call in a pro?

Because professionals, people who do what we do, specialize in delivering a professional plan (be it a strategic, marketing and/or advertising plan) with seven clear benefits:

  1. The plan is delivered in plain English. It’s easy to understand. Easy to implement.
  2. It’s backed up with solid, up-to-date research. The research will include current data on your company, your competition, your market, your strengths, weakness, and other key information.
  3. It outlines clear goals.
  4. It contains reasonable and itemized budgets.
  5. It features achievable return on investment (ROI) estimates.
  6. It contains workable action steps.
  7. The plan includes a built-in system to monitor and measure results.

What’s the next step?

If you’d like more information, without sales pressure and with no obligation, call us. We’ll set aside an hour to listen to you about your issues. After that conversation, we’ll probably have at least 2 or 3 suggestions you can use. There’s no cost for the phone call—we never charge for this “pick your brain” session.

Prior to a phone session, we will provide a brief guide to guide the conversation and keep us on track. We will also provide a signed Privacy and Non-disclosure agreement which legally forbids us to expose any information you share so you can be comfortable about sharing information.

If, after that phone call you decide to move forward, we will prepare a work scope and the details you need to get things approved and in motion.

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