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Our company was begun in 1972. Over those years, we’ve learned how to make Advertising work – and how to bake a strategy into the final product. We offer simple and affordable campaigns and projects that pay off at the bottom line. If your company has marketing “issues”, it’s very likely we’ve “been there, done that.”

Strategic Development

Advertising success is based on a clear objective and smart strategic plan. You can’t know what to say unless you know why you are saying it. We’re not talking about a ring binder full of analysis (although some companies need to go that far). We are talking a few pages, clearly written in plain English that explains (1) what needs to happen, (2) what results are forecast, (3) by when and, last but not least, (4) the expected ROI.

A written strategy is an unbeatable way to focus the mind. It simplifies alternatives and eliminates unlikely approaches. Best of all, it is the only efficient way to spend advertising money, usually making it possible to do more for less.

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Social Media

Today, people spend 27% of their time online on social networks, according to Experian.  Social media is a excellent tool to increase your revenues and market share.  

Getting the most benefit requires that you decide which combination of social media works for you.  Then you need to decide how to allocate your resources among your choices.  Finally, you need to dedicate time to mange the content of your social media.  

We can help you maximize your social media investment with sharp creative and strong social management administrative skills.   

Creative Direction

Good ideas plus pro-grade skills and top notch tools make advertising work. Good creative is when the revenues pick up steam – and when the CEO stops the marketing director in the hall and says, “Hey, saw the spot in our Golf Sponsorship. Good work!”

Video and Animation

Noting beats show and tell. People are more seriously “converted to believers” with powerful video. Animation can help demonstrate complex operations in simple, understandable way. We produce both a simple and complex sales, training and communication videos as well as simple or complex two and three dimensional animation.

Project Management

We’ve developed a real talent for focusing client teams to get company projects done on-time and in-budget. Our marketing/advertising skills, combined with those of the client, make good things happen. From time to time, our clients hand off the day-to-day project management responsibilities to us.

Media Buying, Budgeting and Reporting

Advertising media works very well, no doubt. But, did you pay too much? Did you miss opportunities? We perform pre-buy and post-buy analysis to make sure the media hits the target. Those analyses include evaluating a mix of all the media that should be considered. All this before you spend any money. Once a decision is made, we make sure the schedule you bought is delivered by the media. Finally, a post-buy analysis is done to make sure the schedule delivered the audience we paid for.

Media reporting is especially necessary if you’re spending media money over time, say a six-month schedule. Media reporting should take place as part of the process, so you can learn early on if there are modifications needed.

Then, there’s media negotiation. In most cases, media rates can be negotiated to deliver lower cost, value-added services, or both. Caution is needed here since the media’s deep discounted programs most likely offer the least effective media reach.

Cross-Channel Marketing Systems

For clients who are advertising in multiple media, including social media, we have developed a way to use modern web tools to measure, monitor and revise ad spending based on individual prospect targeting. Cross-Channel provides a way to maximize the “where” of ad investment. This program is built combining readily available tools with a dollop of custom application programs. It’s not cheap, and not for everyone, but if you’re spending serous money, the productivity and efficiency gains will pay off directly to your bottom line.

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