Is your website ADA compliant?

ADA Compliance for Websites

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ADA for Websites, Part 1 – How ADA rules may apply to your website


ADA for Websites Part 2 – How to evaluate your website’s compliance

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Is your website compliant, and how can you tell?

It should go without saying that every company should have a goal to make its website as accessible as possible. Modern websites need to work on different devices and different web browsers, from desktop and laptop computers to tablets and smartphones.

For the millions of people are living with disabilities that affect web browsing, websites should also accommodate assistive technologies for those with visual, hearing, cognitive mental and ambulatory limitations.

The issue of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for websites is not fully resolved in the courts. ADA Compliance regulation comes under the administration of the US Department of Labor. When it comes to enforcement, the Department of Labor relies upon the US Department of Justice. Neither department audits websites, but there have been some significant lawsuits that have resulted in expensive settlements.

Therefore, every business could benefit from a careful reading of the current guides to best practices for website accessibility. You won’t find it surprising to learn that there is no easy, simple answer to “How” to get your website in compliance.

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ADA Policy and Procedure Template

This template is intended as a guide. It is not intended to be adopted, as is, for a company ADA Website Compliance Policy and/or Procedure. This guideline should be used only in consultation with a qualified attorney after a comprehensive review of the user’s website and an assessment of its ADA Compliance.

Template ADA Website Compliance Policy and Procedure (MS Word Doc)

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