A way community banks can get some ROI from Facebook.

A way community banks can get some ROI from Facebook.

A “Facebook plus Email” promotion will not only improve your bank’s Facebook awareness, but yield an ever increasing list of email addresses you can subsequently use to promote bank products and services. This is a high-potential strategy– especially if your bank offers online access and online account opening.

Here’s the strategy: use Facebook to promote an interesting customer “event” that requires participants to register with their email. Winners of the event will be recognized on the bank’s Facebook page plus the bank’s Website and Blog.

Here’s the payoff: the bank ends up with an increase in email addresses that can be used to promote bank products and services.

Here’s the caveats: (1) there are compliance requirements, be sure you get that right (By the way, don’t let the compliance pee-pee in your Cheerios. This promotion isn’t “forbidden.” It’s not “risky.” Remind your compliance department that it’s not their job to veto the idea; it’s their job to tell you how to do it inside the lines.); (2) you need an ongoing way to manage email addresses to enjoy the most benefits; finally, (c) you need access to your website.

Step 1

Create six “show and tell” Facebook Events. Essentially these are ways viewers can participate on the bank’s Facebook page by posting things they want to brag on. Here are a dozen ideas to get you started. Each campaign invites customer (and others) to post a picture and a comment with “reasons why:”

  1. Here’s my best friend and why
  2. Ugliest Pet
  3. My favorite banker at your bank
  4. My favorite vacation
  5. My favorite motorcycle road trip
  6. Why I’m proud of my  __________ (nephew, grandchild, sister, etc)
  7. Here’s where I’d love to travel
  8. Most important people in my life
  9. Longest traffic light in the county is
  10. My favorite restaurant and why
  11. If I have any car I wanted it would be a
  12. If I could have any house I wanted, it would look like this

Step 2

Set up your Event on Facebook. Require participants to provide their email address (and a few other info items such as customer or not? gender; and zip) to participate. Set up website Landing Page and Home Page spaces to promote the Event. Make sure you have a way to collect and store the email address you get from your participants.

Step 3

Kick off the Facebook participation. Promotion lasts maximum of two weeks. Cheerlead the promotion once or twice a week. Cross promote participants using your Landing Page, Home Page and Blog. Track your Facebook responses and email collection.

Step 4

Begin preparation of a Thank You email campaign for all participants. Include in the email one or two product promotions.

Step 5

Announce the Event winner on your Home Page, Landing Page and Blog – and of course, on Facebook. Part of the trumpeting is rolling out the Thank You email with special offers.

This strategy is a low cost way to gather a very valuable resource: current email addresses of customer and “friends” of the bank.

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