We do great work.

Clients tell us our work is “exactly what we wanted,” and they “are very happy about the results.” We’re happy when we see (our clients’) revenues pick up steam – and when the CEO stops the marketing director in the hall and says, “Hey, saw the spot in our Golf Sponsorship. Great work!”

We understand financial discipline.

We believe in ROI. We know how to develop and live by a budget. Because we buy for multiple clients, we can leverage purchases to our clients’ advantage. Dealing with printers, service bureaus, photographers, and other specialists can be demanding, and it requires technical knowledge.

We're responsible.

We take full responsibility for delivering a commercially acceptable end product to our clients. If you don’t like our work, you don’t pay our fees.

Our clients tell us our ability to manage projects and convert insiders into effective team members is a rare skill.

After all, almost no banking project is a solo exercise. There are overlapping departments, and often some complicated IT issues in play. Our business wisdom, market savvy and great people skills provide what’s needed to get complicated projects over the goal line – on time and under budget. When you introduce us into the mix, you don’t get hot air and out-of-date solutions. You get effective leadership and up-to-date subject currency.

Concierge-level customer service.

We understand that a project has to be done when it’s supposed to be done. Getting it done, on time and in budget, is pretty much all there is to the issue. We can and have pretty much taken on and delivered solutions 365/24/7. (There’s a story about a 10’ show booth that somehow went missing on the way to Las Vegas that we could tell you – there’s also a story about a website that was mugged on a Saturday night.) If that means working on weekends or being in a client’s office on Saturday, well, that’s what we do. From the beginning of the work scope, we commit to a successful completion. And, we stick to the plan. No matter what.

We don’t charge for brainstorming.

We want to be one of the first people you call when you want to do some spit-balling or brain storming. So if you’re wrestling with how to get a project off and running — or trying to decide just exactly how to get your bank going in a good direction — call us. There’s never any charge for you to call, text or email us and get the benefit of what we’ve learned since we opened our doors back in 1972. If we have some research or history with your subject, we’ll provide it to you, no charge. Next time you want to bounce something off us, give us a call.

We're market wise.

We know how to divine the mind of the market. We understand the psychology and psychographics of customers and what it takes to move them. We have a strong research orientation, so our hearts don’t overrule our heads.

We're creative where it counts.

We think it’s important to have advertising that produces sales, and we don’t necessarily believe in doing things the way they’ve always been done. And we’re not afraid to tell a client if we think he’s setting himself up to fail.

We're passionate about your Brand.

We believe a business has to stand for something, something that’s important to its customers. We make sure our clients understand why the company is important to its stakeholders and why the brand is vital to survival.

We have great people.

Our team of creative, motivated associates cover all the bases: copywriting, art, design, photography (still and video), copy and video editing, print and video production, proofreading, PR, research, statistics and account services.

We know the difference between sales and marketing.

Sales and marketing are separate processes. Sales benefits the company; marketing benefits the customer. The ultimate purpose of marketing (and branding) is to make sales efforts unnecessary.

We’re a leader in inventing marketing niche technology. (Are you surprised?)

Clients often ask us, “What’s a marketing firm doing creating program code to connect bank CIF with a web-delivered data request?” Thing is, we’ve been creating technology solutions that accomplish marketing and compliance goals since 1980 when we jointly developed one of the first MCIF application in the US. After that, we never looked back.

At least a half-dozen times a year we fill a client need with an application program interface to solve a thorny customer-facing problem. In the past few years, we have created:

  • Online Reg E Opt-In forms that were connected to the CIF,
  • Web-delivered Deposit Account Referral programs for customers to login and make account referrals 24/7,
  • An online, member-directed database by migrating from paper-based membership data – a neat little trick that saved our client $21K the first year and close to $50K in succeeding years.

What can our technology geeks do for you?

We don’t aspire to 100% billable hours.

Our client relationships are not all about money. They are about earning respect and trust. Sometimes we do ‘value-added’ projects at no charge (ask us for some examples). We like these opportunities to make human connection. Besides, we always learn something valuable. The most important result is our clients understand that we don’t look at them and see only dollar signs.

We’re not hung up on our past success.

Our company has been around since 1972. We’ve seen a lot of things work; we’ve seen a lot of things fail. In all that time, we’ve learned that the past counts for a little. It’s what you’re going to be doing in the next five years that defines you. We’re pretty good at knowing what’s coming and what it means. We figure we can give our clients a minimum of two years head start on any given marketing, technological or compliance imperative. That sound good to you?

We're industry savvy.

We’ve been successfully marketing and advertising to consumers and businesses since 1972. We live and work at the intersection of Marketing, Advertising, IT Support, Research and Compliance.

We're responsive.

We’re always available for clients’ needs. We’re wired to the world, to each other and to our clients. We’ve repaired website problems on a Friday night. And we flew to Las Vegas on a Sunday to fix a show display that had been damaged in transit.

We're affordable.

Our average blended, or combined, hourly rate ranges is about a third less than our larger competitors. Translations, we get more done for less.