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Work Scope

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Here’s a representative look at our connectivity projects.

The workscope is a collaborative document. Part of it is written by you. Most of it is written by us. The key issue is that we work together to come up with a detailed, written description of the project.

Workscope steps:

(1) what is expected,

(2) what it will cost,

(3) when will it be delivered,

(4) how training and support will be achieved and

(5) how much that will cost.

Your objective

You might write: I want an app that is available to my customers anytime

so they can look up the status of the all their service work we have in our shop.

Or, you might write: I want an app that is a shopping cart so customers can order

my stuff online.

The benefits you expect

You might write: I expect my customers will use my online system and

that will mean I don’t need as many reps to answer the phone.

Or, you might write: if people buy my stuff online, I won’t need another

location, or even better, I’ll sell more stuff without having to hire more

sales people.

The completion time you expect

You may say, I need this on November 1 before my biggest

competitor gets ahead of me.

Then, we have research to do, including asking you a lot of questions.

Some of them will be technical and you’ll need to connect us, for example, to your technical people and/or key vendors who supply components of your infrastructure.

We prepare a custom checklist for every project, every client.

We’ll help you through it. Actually, that’s part of our responsibility to get the workscope completed. It can be tedious. But, be patient. A well done workscope will save you a lot of money, and down the road, a lot of time.

Our systems are fully compatible with modern APIs. They run on iOS, Windows. Mobile phones, tablets, laptop and desktops. All major browsers play nice.

We prototype, build, test, install, train, support and maintain them from our office in Asheville, North Carolina.

Companies in our portfolio

Parker Hannifin

Entegra Bank


United National

First Citizens

Peoples Bank

NC Bankers

BSA Coalition


ARC Agency

Bank of Asheville

Capstone Bank

Plaza Fiesta

Togar Rugs


Great State

Earth Soft



What our clients say

Community Bank

SVP Retail Banking Division

“A&M built our first online account opening system in 2008. They’ve made consistent improvements in the program and have been most responsive to our needs. We’re happy with the 99% uptime performance as well.”

Manufacturing Client

USA Retail Product Manager

“A&M built our online parts spec system. It worked from day one and has not only saved us countless hours of customer inquiries but has been a home run with our customers and distributors. We rarely need maintenance, but when we do, the A&M people are on it. We get service in hours, days.”

Community Financial Institution

IT Manager

“I’m not going to lie.  Originally, these people made me and my core processing provider nervous.  But it turns out they knew what they were doing and even our core provider has no complaints.  I also hasten to add their stuff never causes problems.  It just works.”

Trade Association

Member Services Manager

“These guys did a careful, thoughtful workscope and delivered exactly what they promised, when they said and slightly under budget. We asked for a complex search process and it works exactly as we wanted. The system has been running for more than 5 years and except for maintenance, it is always up. ”

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FYI, we keep your data to ourselves. We don’t share. Ever.