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A look at some of our Tech Projects.

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Here’s a representative look at our connectivity projects.

Automated bank-wide Risk Profile App

The Risk Profile App tracks every account and customer in the bank and makes an assessment of implicit risk and the value of the institution’s risk remediation. Then, the system prepares a statistically valid bank-wide Risk Profile, expressed as a number.

This model gives a snap shot of the Risk Profile as things stand now. The model can also be used to do “what if” so the institution can model what happens to the Risk Profile if they grow a certain type of product, or open a new office, or are forced to deal with an unexpected business crisis, like COVID.

Board of Director’s Portal

A Board Portal permits bank directors to have in-hand vital documents well ahead of board meetings. It also serves as a secure repository directors can access 24/7. The portal works on laptops, tablets and smart phones. It is secure, simple to admin and affordable to maintain…and, it’s not a major problem if additional features are required.

Online Membership Database

We turned a 100-page paper-based membership directory into a internet delivered 24/7 online resource. Access is tiered to level different types of membership: “real members,” associate members and vendors. There was considerable cost and time involved in managing the paper system. The online app’s cost was recovered in the first year of use.

Online Parts Database with Competitive Look-Up Feature

A manufacturing client was creating a quarterly mailing of CDs containing product specs and competitive match ups. Mailing was sent to customers and distributors. Time and costs to produce was well into six digits annually. We replaced that process with an internet solution pulling data from the client’s mainframe. Our web app downloaded directly to a smart phone or tablet or desktop. Once downloaded, the device did not need to be connected to the net to produce data. (Once the net came back, the device automatically downloaded whatever new or updated records occuring in the meantime.) The app was an instant hit with customers and distributors. It was prototyped, built, tested and installed in 60 days. Since it was installed in 2013, it has had 99% up-time.

We built the first online bank deposit account opening system in North Carolina.

Applicants go online with a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desk top and apply for a new account. The system gathers the information behind a secure, encrypted server behind the institution’s firewall. The applicant data is displayed in an Admin back end on a consolidated, easy to navigate screen. The system also includes a library of email and US Mail that can be triggered to suit the circumstances. The app went live in 2008. It has had a 99% uptime since then.

A Visual Basic Speed Sheet

(Editor’s Note: This may be our favorite app. It was a mind-bender, because the Work Scope was hard to wrap our head around. But, when you see this puppy run, in the blink of an eye, it is a thing of wonder to behold.)

This VBA macro routine that converted a 12 hour cut and paste excercise in Excel into a 20 minute task. The macro was built for a financial institution that had 20 branches plus a “virtual branch.” Each office opened all of the 30-plus kinds of deposit accounts. The instituion had a special interest, and a rich incentive program, to grow side-services to the main account.

For example, a checking account opening that was accompanied by Bill Pay, Debit Card, Electronic Statement and a Safe Deposit box was reported as 1 new account and 4 “side services.” Each month the board wanted to see how many side services were open, compared to how many “single service” accounts opened.

Tracking and calculating the “cross sell” ratio was time consuming because it was mostly a cut and paste exercise between the core (system) report and the XL reports. There was also a considerable time lag between the time the core report was issued and the consolidate “side services” spread sheet was completed, which slowed down the incentive payment. The VB app we built mapped the core report to the spread sheet, sorted by branch and by account attribute.

The app compared the current month and current quarter with the same year ago period. The bottom line: the app turned the report in 20 minutes, including the time it took to convert the spreadsheet to a PDF and consolidate twenty-two months of reports. The cost of the app was recaptured in three months.

Our systems are fully compatible with modern APIs. They run on iOS, Windows. Mobile phones, tablets, laptop and desktops. All major browsers play nice.

We prototype, build, test, install, train, support and maintain them from our office in Asheville, North Carolina.

Companies in our portfolio

Parker Hannifin

Entegra Bank


United National

First Citizens

Peoples Bank

NC Bankers

BSA Coalition


ARC Agency

Bank of Asheville

Capstone Bank

Plaza Fiesta

Togar Rugs


Great State

Earth Soft



What our clients say

Community Bank

SVP Retail Banking Division

“A&M built our first online account opening system in 2008. They’ve made consistent improvements in the program and have been most responsive to our needs. We’re happy with the 99% uptime performance as well.”

Manufacturing Client

USA Retail Product Manager

“A&M built our online parts spec system. It worked from day one and has not only saved us countless hours of customer inquiries but has been a home run with our customers and distributors. We rarely need maintenance, but when we do, the A&M people are on it. We get service in hours, days.”

Community Financial Institution

IT Manager

“I’m not going to lie.  Originally, these people made me and my core processing provider nervous.  But it turns out they knew what they were doing and even our core provider has no complaints.  I also hasten to add their stuff never causes problems.  It just works.”

Trade Association

Member Services Manager

“These guys did a careful, thoughtful workscope and delivered exactly what they promised, when they said and slightly under budget. We asked for a complex search process and it works exactly as we wanted. The system has been running for more than 5 years and except for maintenance, it is always up. ”